A Brand New Holiday Experience!


The Ralston family have been farming at the Rhoin Farm since 1949. Rhoin – is gaelic for ‘crest of the hill’. The farmhouse is set in 200 acres of mainly arable farmland.

The long valley below the farm was once part of the Atlantic Forest. During the last ice age – the melting glaciers swept down the valley towards Campbeltown flattening all the trees in its wake. To this day, every time we plough this land, we find pieces of petrified wood known locally as ‘bog oak’. You will see examples of it around the farm and as features in the raised garden.

In 2003 we changed over from traditional dairy farming to beef production. We are now a commercial beef and sheep farm with a few pedigree Simmental cows. Our sheep lamb inside during the month of February and our cattle are wintered inside during the colder months, but are out to grass from the end of April till October.

We also provide livery for horses and can offer holiday stabling and/or grazing for your horse. You may see our very own Clydesdale – Lauren at the front of the farm taking notice of all the passers-by (that’s her at the top of the page).

We have an ongoing committment to the environment. The property now has Solar PVs fitted to reduce costs and help the environment. To read our environmental policy please click here.